The Tur-meccanica s.r.l., offering services of processing for third parties, differentiates the turning of even complex parts in roughing and finishing itself, starting also from the rough, guaranteeing roughness and tolerances when necessary restricted. Boasting a machine park composed of 9 vertical lathes exclusively made with cnc and rigorously certified on safety regulations for the protection of operators, the company employs highly qualified personnel trained in the use of the Cad-cam system used for programming the work to do. Flagship: cnc vertical lathe diam. max. turning 6,300 mm for max. turning 4,300 mm.

  • Morando-VK17-Umaro-SC22

  • Stankoimport-1563

  • Titan-SC32

  • Particolare-Titan-SC32

  • Umaro-SC22-Titan-SC22